Concrete is an incredibly durable, versatile, and affordable building material. This makes it a practical and beautiful flooring option, especially for commercial floors. Many business owners, however, become concerned with the liability concrete floors could present to their business.

It is known that concrete can become slippery when wet which can be dangerous to customers, or employees when not handled properly.

The good news is, there are actually several ways you can make concrete less slippery and more safe for everyone coming in and out of your business or commercial space.

Slip Resistant Pads

Adding slip resistant pad or grip tape to the areas of your concrete you are most concerned about being slippery can be an easy cost effective way to reduce slipping. By laying out this tape or pads you will help add grip to your flooring without changing anything about your existing concrete.

Mats or Rugs

Utilizing mats and rugs is another option that doesn’t include having to alter existing concrete. Areas such as entry ways, stairs, and other high traffic zones can benefit from this added protection. Rugs can help soak up any moisture from people’s feet and help prevent it from spreading everywhere else. Depending on your space, you can purchase rugs in any shape, size, or style.

Concrete Etching

If you are laying new concrete or resurfacing existing concrete you can add etching to the surface of your flooring. This will grind your concrete to become less smooth and give it a rough texture to create some grip for people’s feet. You can control how rough you want to grind your concrete.

Non-slip Concrete Additive

One of the most effective and aesthetically pleasing options is to add a top coat with non-slip additives to your concrete floors. A fine, coarse, granular additive to your concrete top coat will help shoes grip onto the surface even when wet. This helps you preserve the look of your concrete floors while increasing the safety.

Commercial Concrete in Ohio

For all things commercial concrete in Ohio, Select Flooring Systems is here to guide you. Our team is familiar with the needs of safety and function needed in a commercial space. We can help you update your space through concrete installation or resurfacing and be sure it meets all safety guidelines along the way.