Summer season is almost upon us. Normally, restaurant patios and rooftops would be opening, and people would be flocking to them to enjoy the warm, summer air. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the quarantine measures that are in place to counteract it, it’s likely restaurants won’t be opening anytime soon.

That means people will have to settle for hanging out on their own patio. Don’t have a patio at your home? Now is the perfect time to get one setup. The first thing you’ll need to do is decide on flooring. While there are numerous options available, we’d highly recommend using a concrete surface for your patio.

Concrete is the classic patio surface, and though you might immediately picture a dull, gray slab, concrete is so much more than that. Here are a few reasons why you should consider concrete for your patio.


Everyone knows that concrete is designed to last. It’s resistant to precipitation and temperature. It doesn’t fade under the light of the sun. It can’t burn or rot. It can handle a lot of weight. Basically, with a concrete base, you can expect your patio to be around for a while.

And with a good sealant or coating, your concrete patio can become even more resistant to moisture and stains.


Despite its durability and versatility, concrete is highly affordable. Even with professional installation (which we would recommend), your concrete patio can be installed for a fraction of what other materials might cost you.

Low Maintenance

Even if it’s just you and those living in your house hanging out on the patio, you want it to look nice. Thankfully, concrete is incredibly easy to clean (especially when sealed or coated). A good sweeping will take care of most of the cleaning duties. For a more in-depth cleaning, some mopping or power-washing should do the trick.


Concrete offers nearly limitless options for design. Between different coatings, stains, and textures, you can have it look however you want. Stamped concrete can even mimic other more expensive materials. You can give your patio a glossy finish, or you can go with a matte look.

With finished concrete, your patio will be truly unique to you. Just make sure you have a professional handle the process.

Concrete staining, sealing, and stamping all require special tools, techniques, and materials. When done improperly, you can be left with quite the mess on your hands. Save yourself the trouble and hire a professional the first time around.

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