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Should You Cover up The Concrete in Your Commercial Space?

Commercial spaces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and include a multitude of different kinds of businesses. From retail stores and office buildings to malls and warehouses many different businesses operate out of commercial spaces. While the business themselves may look very different there is one thing most of these spaces have in […]

Signs of a Bad Concrete Finishing

Concrete is known to be resilient and long lasting, but that only applies if the job is done correctly. When poured improperly or under the wrong conditions, concrete can suffer excessive cracking, spalling, and more. Thankfully, these situations can often be corrected with concrete crack repair or concrete resurfacing. Other issues such as dusting, uneven […]

Protecting Concrete from Stains

Concrete is well-regarded for its durability and longevity. Yet, despite its firm consistency, it’s actually quite porous. This makes it particularly vulnerable to stains, if left unchecked. While stains don’t compromise the structural integrity of concrete, they can be unsightly. Common sources of concrete stains include oil, gas, animal urine, tire tracks, paint, and more. […]

Deciding on the Glossiness for Concrete

When people think of finished concrete, they often think of a glossy finish. They’re not wrong, necessarily. Polished, densified, stained, epoxy coated, and stamped concrete floors can all have glossy finishes to them. But they don’t necessarily have to. Well, polished concrete is pretty much always going to have a degree of shine. However, when […]

Stained Concrete in Your Kitchen

Revamping your kitchen? We don’t blame you. An elegant, modern looking kitchen is something that shouldn’t be undervalued. And if you really want to bring it to the next level of elegance, you need to pick the right flooring option. Kitchen floors are always some sort of hard surface. Popular options have included vinyl, linoleum, […]

Deciding on Bathroom Flooring

Looking to upgrade your bathroom? We don’t blame you. Great looking bathrooms are highly underrated, in our opinion. While much of designing a bathroom comes down to style and personal preference, one area that deserves a little special consideration is the floor. If there’s a shower or tub in the bathroom, the floor is guaranteed […]