Adding a finish to your concrete is a great, affordable way to greatly improve its visual appeal, while also making it more durable. Whether its sealed, stained, coated, or densified, finished concrete can better resist external elements.

That said, like all things, a finished concrete floor needs a little love from time to time to maintain its luster. Here is what you can do to ensure your beautiful floor lasts for years to come.

Sweeping and Mopping

Obviously, this is basic floor maintenance, but it’s still important to keep your concrete floors pristine. The good news is, sealed or coated concrete is much easier to clean up than unfinished concrete. A simple sweep will do a fairly good job, especially with a good dust broom.

From time to time, however, you should make sure it gets a proper mopping. This is especially true in winter season when harmful salt and other debris can easily be tracked in.

Rough materials can scratch the surface of your concrete. Placing mats near entrances can help significantly, but you still need to clean.

Touch Ups and Refinishing

Even with proper cleaning, your floor will lose some of its sheen and color overtime. At this point, you’ll need a little touch up work done. The exact process can vary depending on what finisher has been applied to your floor.

Whether it’s waxing, resealing, or professional polishing, this touch-up process is quick and affordable. The end result is a floor that looks about as good as it did the first day it was finished. Just make sure you have a professional handle the job. Otherwise, you could ruin the finish of your floor altogether.

Whether you need your floor finished for the first time, or you could use some concrete repair in Ohio, Select Flooring Systems has you covered. We’ll help your concrete floors look their very best. Contact us today!