Looking to upgrade your bathroom? We don’t blame you. Great looking bathrooms are highly underrated, in our opinion. While much of designing a bathroom comes down to style and personal preference, one area that deserves a little special consideration is the floor.

If there’s a shower or tub in the bathroom, the floor is guaranteed to get wet. Regularly. The type of floor you put in there needs to be able to handle that.

That’s why most people know to avoid carpet and wood in their bathroom. Your bathroom is probably the worse place to have carpet. Just don’t do it. As for wood, it looks nice, and you can seal it to try and protect it. But still, water can find a way in or around the sealant, and once it gets to the wood, a lot of problems can happen. The wood expands, cracks, and may even rot.

Laminate and linoleum offer affordability, but their appearance never quite compares to the materials they mimic. While they might technically be water resistant, moisture can get in at the seams, causing them to bubble and deform.

With all that said, you might be wondering…

What is the Best Option for Bathroom Flooring?

Everyone is entitled to their option, but we would say that stained concrete is the best way to go for your bathroom floor. Tile looks nice and has a classic appearance, but it can be a hassle to have installed, and it’s prone to breaking.

Other hard-surfaced materials look nice but usually come at a high cost.

Stained concrete, on the other hand, can provide a beautiful finish for an affordable cost. With the right sealant, you can protect against moisture as well. Mix in some concrete stamping, and you can mimic just about any material you’d like.

Some homeowners are concerned that sealed concrete is slippery when wet. While this can be true, it doesn’t have to be. Texturing techniques can be applied and additives can be placed in the sealer to make it slip resistant.

The end result is a beautiful, affordable, long lasting bathroom floor. For a professional concrete sealer in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today. We have a range of floor finishing services available so get exactly what you’re looking for.