This year, many of the northern states have been blessed with a late arrival for winter. The days have stayed uncharacteristically warm, keeping away the snow, cold, and ice.

But we all know eventually, the winter wins out. The cold weather will come. And with it comes the collateral damage. The frozen temps and precipitation take a toll on even the strongest of materials. Take concrete, for example.

Winter can increase concrete cracking significantly. There’s freezing, shrinking, expanding, and from that, some pretty big and deep cracks can form. And that’s not all.

The harsh weather chips away at the surface and wears it down. Harmful deicing materials corrode and ruin concrete as well.

What can you do against such extreme conditions? A few things, actually.

Keep it Clear

Shoveling off your driveway doesn’t just increase the safety and accessibility of your driveway. It helps your concrete out. Keep your driveway clear of snow and ice build-up by being proactive with shoveling. You’ll be glad you did once winter is over.

Avoid Salt

Salt and other ice-melt products are tempting to use because of their fast-acting and effective nature. The problem is, they’re a little too effective. When the salt hits the ice, it melts it, creating a salt water mix. This then sinks into the surface of your concrete, where it freezes again, breaking up the surface layer of your concrete.

Instead of using salt, try removing snow and ice manually. If needed, utilize sand instead. It won’t melt the ice, but it will provide a surface to safely walk on.

Seal and Protect Your Concrete

Another way to strengthen your concrete and add a layer of protection is with a quality sealant. Concrete sealant adds a protective layer to the surface, keeping moisture out while holding things tightly together.

As an added bonus, it also looks better than standard concrete.

If you want to make the most out of your outdoor concrete, improving appearance while making it last longer, have it sealed or coated. Just don’t try and do it yourself. The results can be messy.

For professional concrete sealers in Ohio, contact Select Flooring today. We’ll leave you with a beautiful concrete surface built to last.