Epoxy floors and other concrete garage floor coatings are continuing to grow in popularity. This is likely because of the years or life and durability it adds to your concrete surfaces. 

Concrete floor coatings are especially valuable in garage floors because of their attractive appearance, easy-to-clean finish, stain and abrasion resistance, and ability to cover up cracks and defects in the surface of the floor. 

Some homeowners, however, are weary of adding a garage floor coating for one fear. They worry a garage floor coating will make their garage slippery. 

Are Garage Floor Coatings Slippery?

The reality is, if you have a high gloss floor coating it is bound to get slippery when wet. For many flooring applications, this is not an issue, but for garage floor coatings in Ohio, it can be an issue. Now, in the wintertime, we see snow, rain, and slush get tracked into our garages on a daily basis. We understand homeowners’ worries about slipping hazards. 

Luckily, there is a solution!

Garage floor coatings can be applied with anti-skid or non-slip additives to ensure the safety of you and your family. The one trade-off for this is you won’t have the super shiny high gloss showroom finish, but most homeowners aren’t worried about that in their garage floor. 

Garage Floor Coatings in Ohio

Our team at Select Flooring systems can advise you on the best garage floor coatings in Ohio that will not only enhance your concrete’s durability but look beautiful and be safe for your family!