Is concrete waterproof? This is a simple question you should ask of all flooring materials. There are very few flooring applications that would not benefit from being water resistant or waterproof, especially commercial concrete in Ohio. 

The answer is simple. Concrete on its own isn’t waterproof, but concrete that is sealed or coated is waterproof. 

Wait, concrete isn’t waterproof?

You heard that right, normal concrete isn’t going to be waterproof.

Concrete is naturally porous due to the chemical reactions that take place during the curing process: water is mixed with cement and aggregates, and as the mixture hardens, the excess water escapes, creating a web of capillaries in the concrete. This means that concrete can absorb a fair amount of water – roughly 60 liters per cubic meter of good quality concrete in just 30 minutes – but this can cause dampness depending on the speed at which it occurs.

What Happens When Concrete is Damp?

As your concrete absorbs water it may cause cracking which only allows for more moisture. It’s a slow process that happens over time, but eventually, your concrete will start visually deteriorating. This will eventually lead to a big and costly job to fix. Damp concrete is also a great breeding ground for mold and mildew. 

How Does Concrete Become Waterproof?

The process of making your concrete waterproof is an easy one. All that is required is a high-quality sealer or concrete coating to protect your floors from taking on moisture. At Select Flooring Systems we can advise you on the best sealers and coating and even apply them for you. 

The benefits of sealing your concrete include:

  • Strengthened structure – waterproof concrete lets in less moisture, causing fewer cracks, which means it is less vulnerable to the elements
  • Reduces maintenance costs – less erosion and deterioration results in less time and money spent on repairs
  • Prevents mold and mildew – preventing dampness in turn staves off mold and mildew spores which reduces the risk of illness, making for a healthier environment
  • Increased property value – having a waterproofed basement or subfloor is a great selling point for a property, giving buyers peace of mind that they won’t have to deal with water problems
  • Maintains fresh appearance – waterproofed concrete won’t deteriorate from water exposure, so it won’t suffer much from wear and tear

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