If you are considering using concrete for any of your interior or exterior surfaces, staining is something you have likely considered. What happens when someone walks out on your concrete patio, on your concrete floors, or is working on concrete countertops and spills a glass of red wine?

Will it be immediate panic and horror as your surface becomes stained and blemished forever? Or is it no big deal to wipe up and move on?

The answer depends really on how your stamped concrete in Ohio is sealed and finished.

Because concrete is such a porous material, when drips and spills land on concrete that isn’t sealed or coated it will immediately start to soak into the pores of the material. This makes it nearly impossible to ever get completely clean. 

Your garage floor can be affected by oil stains. Your countertops can be stained by food and drink. Leaves can even leave staining on your outdoor patio. 

Does this mean you shouldn’t use concrete on any of these surfaces?

Absolutely not!

The easy solution is to finish your concrete surface with a sealer or concrete coating.  

Stamped Concrete Sealer in Ohio

Penetrating concrete sealers are natural finish products with fluro polymers to resist staining from oils and greases. They are great options to lock out surface spills and materials from entering into the concrete, ensuring the spills remain pooled on the surface for easy clean-up. 

Durable concrete coatings do as their name suggests and coat the concrete to completely stop the penetration of fluids. Extremely resilient and resistant to chemicals, acids, gasoline, and abrasions, spills can be left on the surface for extended amounts of time before needing to be cleaned up.

When it comes to choosing a penetrating, concrete stain-repellent sealer our team at Select Flooring Systems has you covered. Whether you are starting a whole new concrete project or want to ensure your current concrete can stand up to spills and stains, give us a call today!