When it comes to building out a barn or a shed, the floor isn’t always the first thing you think about. But it should be pretty high on the list.

After all, this is the foundation of your structure.

Due to low cost and the fact that it’s typically already present, dirt flooring is a popular choice for these structures. But there are some key advantages to concrete floors that make them a great choice for both barns and a variety of sheds.

Long Lasting and Easy to Clean

Concrete is strong and resilient. Whereas a dirt will dig out and wood floors will splinter and rot, a concrete floor last long and stay level.

When it gets dirty, it can be cleaned by a simple spray or sweep. For sheds, a concrete floor will keep your stored items cleaner. For barns, they’ll result in less dirt and dust in the air.

By adding a penetrating sealer, you can also make your floor spill resistant. This will increase its ability to repel certain animals scents as well.


When it comes to barns, the hard surface of concrete is sometimes seen as a turnoff. However, this is easily remedied. By adding some mats over the surface, you give your floor extra grip and traction. Cleaning is still simple.

Alternatively, you can lay down some loose woodchips for bedding.


For sheds, you’ll likely use them just for storage. Barns, however, can be utilized for a variety of purposes depending on the size. Need some event space? Maybe you’re looking to host a party or even a wedding.

With a concrete floor, just move any animals out, spray things down, and you’re ready to go. You can’t do that with a dirt floor.

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