Garage floors tend to take a beating. There’s foot traffic, vehicle traffic, spills, leaks, dropped objects, and more. Rain, snow, and salt get brought in from the outside as temperature fluctuations cause the floor to expand and contract. 

While concrete is tough and designed to take a beating, it will eventually crack, break, and stain. Keeping plain concrete clean, especially in a garage, isn’t always easy. 

That’s why we recommend adding a nice coating to your garage floor. Garage floor coating is a very affordable process with a lot of great advantages. 

Why should you have a coated garage floor? Well…. 

They Last Longer 

A garage floor coating will help your concrete floor last longer. Some have the misconception that a coating has to be maintained frequently, creating extra hassle. However, with the right floor coating, you can get 10-20 years out of it.  

At that point, you’ll simply need a reapplication. The cement itself should still be in great condition. 

They’re Easier to Clean 

Plain cement floors get dusty. Actually, they contribute in creating the dust. A coated garage floor, on the other hand, reduces dust and cleans up nicely. You can sweep it, and from time to time, you can even mop it. 

They’re Resistant 

Not only are coated garage floors easier to clean, but they’re much more resistant to getting dirty in the first place. Whereas an unprotected garage floor will stain from spills and leaks that regularly happen in a garage, a coated floor will keep the chemicals and liquids at the surface for you to easily clean. 

They Look Better 

There’s no question that a coated garage floor looks much better than a plain, grey cement slab. The coating covers and hides blemishes and cracks in the concrete, creating a smooth surface. You can even choose different colors, patterns, or stains to mix in, brightening up your garage floor and giving it a showroom feel. 

The possibilities are near endless. 

Get It Done Right 

Ready to put a concrete coating on your garage floor? Then it’s time to speak to a concrete artisan. While stores may sell epoxy coatings and concrete sealers, they can cause a lot of problems if you don’t know what you’re doing.  

Concrete coating requires expert preparation, tools, and training. 

The good news is, even with a professional, adding a coating to your garage floor is quick and affordable. For a quote on garage floor coating in Ohio, contact Select Flooring today.  

We’ll walk you through the options and the process, and get you on your way to a better garage floor.