When it comes to protecting and beautifying your concrete floors, you have a few options. The best choice often depends on your situation. If you’re looking to coat a high trafficked space, garage floor, or showroom, then epoxy is a great choice. 

What is Epoxy Floor Coating? 

An epoxy coating is a resin that’s applied to a concrete surface, hardening and forming a protective layer top. The end appearance is shiny and beautiful. If you want to take the appearance further, the epoxy coating can be mixed with paint or stain to create a unique and vibrant finish that matches your location’s aesthetic. 

But there’s more to epoxy coating than looks. The resin layer is hard and resilient, protecting concrete from damage and extending your floors life. With the right epoxy, your floor also becomes chemical and stain resistant, a feature that’s especially useful in garages.  

Since the epoxy forms a layer over the concrete, it can also fill and conceal minor cracks and imperfections.  

It’s smooth, solid finish also makes it a breeze to clean. 

With all of its strengths, epoxy flooring is great for residential or commercial use. 

Can I Apply Epoxy Floor Coating Myself? 

If you walk into a local hardware or supply store, you’ll likely see epoxy coating for sale. However, if you’re planning on coating your concrete floor, it’s best to let a professional handle the job. Adding an epoxy coating isn’t as simple as painting your floor. It’s a multi-step process that uses complex, hard to remove chemical compounds.  

Done correctly, epoxy flooring will leave you with a long lasting, beautiful floor. Done incorrectly, it can become an unattractive mess that’s hard to fix. 

So get it done right the first time. For epoxy floor coating in Ohio, contact the professionals at Select Flooring today!