When Amazon and eBay launched in 1995, few could have predicted how dramatically they would change the way we buy things. While purchasing something from your home computer was convenient, it felt like you were buying blind.

You had to trust a few low-resolution images that took a full minute to load on your dial-up internet.

Then there was the waiting, the shipping cost, and should you have to return something, that was an even larger hassle.

Brick and mortar stores had little to fear. Or so they thought.

Flash forward to the present, and online shipping is often free, with packages showing up in 1-3 days. Items can be ordered at anytime from anywhere right on your phone.

Still, despite massive growth and billions of dollars in revenue, ecommerce represents only 10-13% of retail sales. In other words, brick-and-mortar stores still very much have a place. But, they need to be smarter than they were 20 years ago.

They need to play to their strengths. There are certain things physical stores can do that do websites simply can’t.

The Showroom Approach

Most retailers are placing a greater emphasis on display, store layout, and appearances than ever. Stores often look more like a showroom than a bunch of stocked shelves. One of the best things a store can do is allow someone to fully see a product from every angle.

They can hold it. They can touch it. They can smell it.

It’s important to leverage this, making it easy for your best products to be seen and experienced. Of course, it’s not just about the products themselves.

Creating an Atmosphere

Today’s world is culture is more driven by aesthetics than ever. They appreciate things that are well designed, beautifully made, and thoughtfully placed. This extends beyond your actual products to the setup of the store itself.

You’ll see even large retailers are trying to look more boutique/cute/cool.

From the stands your items sit on to the lighting that shines down upon them, you need to be intentional with how your store is space is setup.  Thanks to the internet, inspiration isn’t hard to find. Try search for interior design on Instagram or Pinterest, if you feel stuck.

Don’t Forget the Floor

Flooring has a large impact on the mood a room a presents. It’s sometimes subtle, but you notice it. There are a lot of flooring options available, and deciding on the right one can seem overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Stained concrete offers practically endless ways you can style the floor of your retail space. Whether you want it vibrantly colored, neutral and subdued, glossy, non-glossy, textured, or smooth, concrete can be manipulated to do it all.

It can even look like other materials such as wood or stone.

Stained concrete is affordable, long lasting, and it stands up great against foot traffic. If you want to take your retail space to the next level, make sure your floor looks great. For commercial concrete design in Ohio, contact Select Flooring Systems today!