If you’re looking to redo a floor in any room of your house, you’ll quickly discover just how many materials you have available to choose. There’s hardwood, carpet, laminate, cork, stone, bamboo, and more. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the prices can vary drastically from option to option.

But outside of budget limitations, it really comes down to the look you want. So why not choose an affordable flooring option that can look like anything?

We’re Talking About Stained Concrete

When people think stained concrete, they often think of a smooth, shiny grey or brown surface. While that is one look stained concrete can have, it’s not even the tip of the iceberg. For starters, stained concrete doesn’t have to be glossy. It doesn’t have to be smooth.

And it certainly doesn’t have to be one boring color.

The truth is, stained concrete can look like pretty much anything. You want a textured, wood-grained floor? How about a smooth, polished marble? Maybe a colorful, tiled pattern?

Stained concrete can look like all of this, and more. You can even implement special patterns and designs. By using stamped concrete, you can imitate brick, stone, and other textured surfaces.

Best of all, stained and stamped concrete is much cheaper than premium materials, yet displays an indistinguishable appearance from the “real thing”. It’s also long-lasting and easy to maintain. Here are just a few examples of the decorative concrete work we’ve done:

While these employ a few different methods of staining and sealing, the end results are all beautiful. If you’re looking to redo your flooring, and you want it to look perfect while still being able to afford it, consider stained concrete.

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