Hard flooring is a popular choice for both interiors and exteriors. It’s timeless in appearance and long lasting in its construction. Deciding to go with a quality hard floor is easy. Choosing the material can prove to be more difficult.

Two popular choices that work great both inside and out are stamped concrete and tile. To decide which option is best for you, let’s take a closer look at each option.


The right tile can offer a beautiful finish, not to mention plenty of color and customization options. However, this comes at a cost. Tile is not cheap, especially if you go with something like stone tile.

Ceramic tile is about half the price of stone, but prone to breaking and cracking. Stone tile is stronger, but still relatively thin, and thus, breakable.

Depending on the type of tile, it can hold it’s appearance and shine for a while, but should it fade or become discolored, you’ll be forced to live with it or replace it altogether.

Stained and Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete takes a flat slab of concrete and creates imprinted patterns to replicate the appearance of tile, stone, or just about any other hard surface. Additional scoring and “imperfections” can even be added to make it look near indistinguishable from the real thing.

This means it has all of the customization abilities as tile and more.

Since it’s a solid slab of concrete all the way through, stained and stamped concrete is very durable and long lasting.

As for cost, it can depend on what you’re working with and what you’re doing. if you have concrete in place on your floor already, staining with a particular pattern or style is considerably cheaper than installing tile. If you’re pouring a stamped overlap overtop of an existing concrete foundation or you’re installing a brand new slab of concrete and having it stamped, the price is comparable to that of tile.

In some cases, it can still be cheaper.

Which is Right for Me?

Though tile does look nice, stained and stamped concrete can perfectly replicate it. Cost is comparable if not cheaper for stamped concrete, depending on your setup. The nicer of tile material you’re looking at, the more likely you’ll save on concrete. Ultimately, resilience is the determining factor between the two, and in this case, stamped concrete wins easily.

If you want a beautiful floor for an affordable price that will last a long time, stamped concrete is a fantastic choice you won’t regret. All you need is an experienced flooring contractor.

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