Concrete is strong and long lasting, but it has its limits, especially if it wasn’t poured properly. Overtime, it will begin to crack and chip. Not long ago, you’d only be left with three options at this point: patch it, replace it, or learn to live with it. Today, however, we have a fourth option:

Concrete resurfacing.

Resurfacing your concrete is a cost-effective repair option that leaves you with a floor that looks brand new. Concrete resurfacing involves pouring a new layer over-top your existing concrete, covering chips, cracks, and blemishes.

While concrete resurfacer dries to look just like concrete, it’s actually not concrete. If you tried to resurface a floor using normal concrete, it would crack and break. But resurfacer is engineered to adhere to the existing concrete, concreting a solid structure.

So What Exactly is Concrete Resurfacer?

Resurfacer isn’t actually a lot different from concrete. Just like most concrete, it contains Portland cement and sand. In addition to those, however, it contains polymer modifiers and other additives to give it its special bonding properties.

Its safe to walk on after about 6 hours and can be driven on after a day.

Once it’s dry, it’ll look just like normal concrete. Though resurfacer mix is more expensive than traditional concrete mix, much less is required for a resurfacing job.

Is Concrete Resurfacing Right for Me?

While concrete resurfacing does a great job of repairing some cracks, chips, and uneven spots that patch work can’t fix, it does have its limits. Depending on the quality of the foundation, the age of the concrete, and a few additional factors, concrete resurfacing may or may not be the way to go.

The best way to find out is to have it inspected by a concrete professional.

At Select Flooring, we provide a wide range of concrete services, including concrete resurfacing in Ohio. In addition to restoring damaged concrete, resurfacing can be used to add beautiful stamped concrete patterns and more.

To get the most out of your concrete, contact Select Flooring Systems today!