Over time, concrete will crack. It’s a fact of life. Most concrete will even form some minor cracks early on. However, if the job was done right, these will go largely unnoticed. 

Eventually, however, even the best laid concrete will form significant cracks as ground shifts and temperatures change. Concrete contracts and expands over and over, and begins to break down 

As cracks appear and the surface of the concrete chips away, you’ll wonder what you should do about it. In the past, the options have been to either repair the cracks one by one or tear up and replace the concrete altogether. 

However, there’s another option that’s become increasingly popular: concrete resurfacing. 

What is Concrete Resurfacing? 

Concrete resurfacing involves removing the old top layer of the concrete and replacing it with a special resurfacer material. Resurfacer is not the same composition as traditional concrete, though it dries to look the same.  

Why can’t you just put a thin layer of concrete over your old concrete floor? Because it won’t bond with the old concrete. Instead, it will crack and fall apart. 

Concrete resurfacer, on the other hand, is designed to bond with the old concrete, creating a new finish that looks like freshly laid concrete. Concrete resurfacer costs more than traditional concrete, but you don’t need to use as much, meaning it’s cheaper to resurface than replacing the floor altogether. 

When is Concrete Resurfacing Needed? 

Minor cracks can be repaired individually rather than resurfacing the whole floor. As long as the crack isn’t bigger than a quarter of an inch, it’s probably only surface deep, and thus, can be repaired. When the cracks go deeper and/or are appearing in excess, it’s time to consider resurfacing. 

If your concrete was laid poorly and appears to be falling apart from the bottom up, it may be best to simply replace the entire floor. Otherwise, a resurfacing can likely save time and money. 

Want to protect your concrete further? Consider having it sealed with a protective coating. This will allow it to last longer and look better. 

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